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The endless journey of pelodom spiraling within as without. Enlightening the way of realizing and knowing the wonderous and amazing genius which is your true individual unique beauty. Remember to Remember the act and dance of love which created your wholeness. Remember to remember the incredible genius of each one of your
fifty trillion cells.
The secret of the dance is in listening to oneself. Here is the ultimate pelodom.
Remember to remember the dream dreaming and dancing oneself through the adventerous journey and game of life.

Remember to dance whole heartedly around and around and around the heart of reality as you remember to listen to your body as you remember to give up all sence of power.

Dance the integration of all aspects of oneself into the syncronicity with the heart of the universe and heart of oneself. Blessings.

Copyright 2011 The Dream Team Players and America's Healthiest and Happiest People gifting  " The Ultimate Invitation" to everyone.