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The first step of any journey is the most difficult. That heart felt commitment to under take the adventure for a future goal or vision takes courage. That first step which integrates all aspects of oneself into a unified field of motion focused on the innermost love of the heart. When the heart makes sense of the future and the past to be completely present
in the knowingness of the moment, the focused
attention, combining the conscious and un-conscious desires create the dance of destiny. Allowing the heart to sing and dance the dream within, begins the cyclic process of your own individual and unique game. Life is an adventure and  journey played out by the reflection one sees within Lajolla was the place my heart took my first step towards the heart of my dream.
Returning home again and again and again to the heart of reality.
Copyright 2011 The Dream Team Players and America's Healthiest and Happiest People gifting  " The Ultimate Invitation" to everyone.