Copyright 2011 The Dream Team Players and America's Healthiest and Happiest People gifting  " The Ultimate Invitation" to everyone.
Moving into change is the dance
of life. Dancing your exceptional
expectations from your dream into the heart of reality is the game of being the ultimate health of oneself.

Imagine the heart of reality as the value of integrating all one's
priorities into the work of your life. What is more important in life?

As I ask myself that question, I hear the news of another record
breaking military budget,  three
quarters of a trillion dollars. I remember walking across America in 1986 with The Great Peace March, carrying my artistic Masterpeace in hand, filling it will all my dreams of
The Peace Museum
peace, love and freedom. I remember walking through Russia with the International Peace Walk in 1987 with my art Masterpeace close in hand and heart.

Here within the basket lies my Masterpiece Masterpeace. On the family heirloom rocking chair, draped by a shawl my father gave to my mother  as a gift from the India-Burma-China WWII Campaign. My Nike shoes worn once during my prayerful meditation while walking up the George Washington Memorial after my walk across America.

My  Masterpiece Masterpeace
archetypal icon creating a world at peace, in love with freedom.  Pelodom.

The Masterpiece Masterpeace
(What would fifteen trillion dollars of peace look like to you.)
Military Budget
Peace Museum
Carter Center
Seeds of Peace
Code Pink
Pathways to Peace
The U.S. Department of Peace
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- the peace professor -